Sanctuary is about a time and place in our contemporary world that harkens back 2600 years.
The Lumbini Crane Sanctuary exists within the 3 square mile Sacred Garden area where Siddhartha Gautama was born.
There are plans afoot to replace the 254 acre sanctuary with 5 hotels and a 1000 person meditation center !!
Sarus cranes, the tallest flying birds in the world, have lived in the fields around Lumbini since the time Buddha was young.
Though crane numbers are dwindling, they still nest in the area today along with many other wildlife species.
Join Venerable Metteyya and others in the conservation of that unique environment, for local people and Buddhist pilgrims alike.

The film was shot exclusively in Lumbini and Kathmandu, Nepal over the course of three years.
It includes interviews with Venerable Metteyya, George Archibald of the International Crane Foundation,
and other important figures related to the Crane Sanctuary.

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2018 | 29m 35s | Director: Lillian Ball | Post-production: George Chrysiliou