Photo courtesy of Ciming Mei

Venerable Metteyya Sakyaputta (Subject) was born in Lumbini, Nepal. He is the founder of the Lumbini Social Service Foundation (LSSF). At age 15 he established the Metta School to serve underprivileged rural children in the surrounding areas. In addition he has opened: a branch Metta school (Punnihawa School) in a neighboring village, a college exclusively for rural girls (Karuna Girls College), a nunnery for young girls (Peace Grove Institute), and has also begun the construction of a peace education center and monastery for young boys (Bodhi Institute), all in his home community. In 2017 he was appointed Vice Chairman of the Lumbini Development Trust. 

Lillian Ball
 (Director) is an ecological artist/activist working on wetland issues with a multidisciplinary background in anthropology, ethnographic film, and sculpture. She has exhibited and lectured internationally, including the Taragaon Museum in Kathmandu; the Seville Bienniale; and Reina Sofia Museum in Spain. Her ongoing WATERWASH® public project series combines wetland habitat restoration, stormwater remediation, and educational outreach through public artworks.

Her recent work in Lumbini, Nepal approaches a crane sanctuary endangered by development at the World Heritage site of Buddha’s birthplace. Planning is underway for a public nature walk, conservation educational center and habitat restoration once the Sanctuary has been preserved. These initiatives will reach the millions of pilgrims visiting as well as benefiting the local population. Partners include LSSF, UNESCO, Natural Resources Development Center, International Crane Foundation, Animal Nepal, Green Lumbini Youth, and World Wildlife Fund.


George Chrysiliou (Editor) graduated with a degree in Cinema Production & Media Studies from CUNY The College of Staten Island in 2014.
His post production credits include short films, music videos, commercials, and video for performance art.